English Introduction / 2016-09-01 / 人氣: 1646


The school was established on September 26, 1961 as Jin-Hua Branch, a branch school of Cheng-Kung Public School, Taichung.

It was reformed to an independent school on May 14, 1963. It is renamed as Jin-De Public School at East District, Taichung.

On the date of October 28, 1968, this school was renamed to Jin-De Elementary School at East District, Taichung, by the order of Department of Education.


Office Major Professional Title Extension
Principal Office Principal 700
Studies Affairs Office Chief of Educational Affairs Section 710
Students Affairs Office Chief of Student Affairs Section 720
General Affairs Office Chief of general Affairs Section 730
Counselors’ Office 740
Personnel Office Chief of Personal Affairs Section 750
Accounting Office Chief of Accountant Section 760
Teacher Office 770
kindergarten 790