Features & Environment

English Introduction / 2016-09-02 / 人氣: 2248


 In the past 20 years, the basketball team has been awarded the 4th in the Nation and Champions of the Middle Five Counties.
The students have been awarded 1st and 2nd places in the Applied-Science Group in the Taichung Science Fair, 1990.
Ministry of Economy has awarded the school the Excellent Energy Education School and the Taichung government has appointed us as Seed Energy Education School.
The first prize in The First Assessment of Campus Website, 2002, Taichung.
First Prize in the National Evaluation of Energy Education Website, 2002.
Teacher-Training School in English Teaching Developing Group, Taichung.


    Our Jin-De building is a four-story structure with a mixture of classical and modern designs. The first construction was completed in August, 1990. The renovations were completed on December 31, 2001.

1.  The design expresses the spirit of traditional Taiwanese appearance.
2.  The basement is multi-illuminated and wide-opened for a platform with multiple purposes.
3.  Double corridors: one is for a passage way and the other is for classroom activity space.
4.  The classroom is supplied with students’ cabinets.
5.  The traditional fixed bulletin board is replaced by moveable bulletin board.
6.  Multiple hidden cable lines.
7.  Storage spaces for cleaning tools and supplies.
8.  Individual men & women’s lavatory.
9.  Fenceless campus.
10.  Tar-free campus for a natural ecological environment.